Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Dom" Lukedom Surpryze Party has arrived safely in Hobart and has meet all his crazy relatives and is having a party. — with Josh Turner and 8 others.



Lukedom Surpryze Party 

Enjoying a lazy Sunday. Dom (Cervelo X Pryze) and Teddy (Robbie X Delta) — with Sue ShrigleyJessica TullyJaime GrechRegina De SilvaJosh Turner,Donna Alarie and Samantha Lawler.

Breaker with his Great Great Grandson Dom
 — with Sue ShrigleyDonna AlarieJaime Grech and Samantha Lawler.


Dom (Lukedom Surpryze Party (AI) @ 10 weeks of age— with Marilynne BergDonna AlarieJess Cullen,Jaime Grech and Samantha Lawler.

                              CERVELO   x  PRYZE


                                  Lukedom Let's Go Party