Monday, November 24, 2008

Cervelo's big show weekend BRAG........................

Cervelo went to show this weekend with his mother, Rose at the Elsie Murray Canine Centre Society Dog Show, November 21-22-23, 2008 with Rowan as his handler. As Cervelo is now in the Specials category he was shown in the ring along side his mother, Rose. Rose was shown by Rowan while Cervelo was shown by a Junior handler.

Showing well on Friday was apparently just a warm up because the following days Cervelo took the show. On Nov.22, Sat. Cervelo took Best of Breed followed by a Group 4 win and a Best Puppy in Group. The Judge for BOB and Sporting Group was Mr.T.Doxtater. Cervelo earned his first Specials points in Group and now has a group ranking below his mother in Best Dogs in Canada.

Nov. 23, Sun. Cervelo again took Best of Breed followed by making the ' cut ' in Sporting Group then winning Best Puppy in Group. Best of Breed for the Sporting Group was Mr.B Wright.

Congratulations to both Rowan for the Sporting Group and Puppy Group handling and Cervelo who as a 11 month old puppy was still able to show well for two Best in Shows at the end of the day. A full weekend for all !!!

Picture to come of Cervelo's Sporting Group 4 win and Puppy Group win.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cervelo has his two majors..............

This weekend in Munroe, Washington at the Whidbey Is. Kennel Club Inc. dog show Cervelo wowed the Judges winning his two majors.

On 11/15/2008 Cervelo won Winners Male, Best of Breed and Best of Winners for a 4 pt. major with Judge Mrs. Lowell K. (Arlene) Davis. After winning Best of Breed over Specials, Cervelo went on to compete in the Sporting Group with the ' big guys ' making the cut much to the delight of his handler, Rowan. Wow, for a 10 month old puppy to even be able to continue showing til the evening is amazing.

The following day, 11/16/2008 Cervelo won Winners Male and Best of Winners for a 3 pt. major with Judge Mr. Lowell K. Davis.

Congratulations to both Rowan and Cervelo for a winning weekend!!

Picture to be posted as soon as it arrives.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cervelo loves to cuddle with Lily ...

Lily established her sleeping spot with Cervelo determined to curl up behind in the end corner of the couch then use Lily's backside as a pillow.

What is sleeping on top of me?

Lily amicably accepts Cervelo has her sleeping buddy.

Looking demure............

I found Cervelo under the kitchen island among the stools looking very demure. For whatever reason Cervelo was quite content to watch the family room activities among the stools.
Maybe because Ryan, sitting on a stool next to Cervelo, was about to eat a meal. Some food may fall on the floor, you think??

Cervelo could not or would not be coaxed out from under the island no matter what.

Cervelo and the big bed experience........

Cervelo found where the girls like to spend their evenings and decided to check out this super sized dog bed.

Cervelo is very attentive at my attempts to take pictures from different angles. Lily has gone to sleep but Rose is just as watchful as Cervelo.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cervelo's show results...........

At Vancouver Kennel Club dog show held at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Ridgefield, WA on 10/25/2008, Cervelo won Reserve Winners Male with Rowan Norris Jones as his handler. The Judge was MS. Rita Bell.

At the Willamette Valley Kennel Club in Salem, Oregon on 11/09/2008, Cervelo won Reserve Winners Male under Judge, Mr. James M. Burns.