Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pryze + Cervelo pups 6 and a Half Weeks .......

Triangles girl — 

Cloud Boy

Aqua Boy Head 

Pink Girl 

Stripes Girl Head 

Brown Boy 


Yellow Boy 
Yellow Boy 

Hearts Girl —

Triangles Girl 

Stripes Girl —

Pink Girl


Cloud Boy

Brown Boy 

Aqua Boy 
Have a black spot in my camera 

Yellow Boy 

Lukedom Weimaraners Playtime 6 and a half weeks — with Donna Alarie, Samantha Lawler and Jaime Grech.

pups now 6 1/2  weeks old

Cervelo and Pryze pups 6 weeks old now have registered names with the theme of  ' PARTY '  

Puppies  4 1/2  weeks old   

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Pups 3 weeks old.....

Puppy smooches with Miss Pink 

Bed time at 3 weeks old 
 — with Samantha Lawler,Donna Alarie and Jaime Grech.


Our beautiful Pryze and Cervelo babies at 14 days.
Lots of beautiful blue eyes looking at me now 

Pups 1 week and 1 day old 

five days old 

10 pups    6 boys  +  4 girls