Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kelli Whillock with " Barbie " at 11 weeks Cervelo x Pryze

Thanks to Ffiona for this lovely pic of Barbie 
Lukedom Let's Go Party (AI) 11 weeks.
S: Can Gr Ch/ Int Ch . Rosewin Anson's Cervelo
D: Gr Ch Ghostwind Eyez OnTh Prize
So much like Pryze ....I love this topline 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Dom" Lukedom Surpryze Party has arrived safely in Hobart and has meet all his crazy relatives and is having a party. — with Josh Turner and 8 others.



Lukedom Surpryze Party 

Enjoying a lazy Sunday. Dom (Cervelo X Pryze) and Teddy (Robbie X Delta) — with Sue ShrigleyJessica TullyJaime GrechRegina De SilvaJosh Turner,Donna Alarie and Samantha Lawler.

Breaker with his Great Great Grandson Dom
 — with Sue ShrigleyDonna AlarieJaime Grech and Samantha Lawler.


Dom (Lukedom Surpryze Party (AI) @ 10 weeks of age— with Marilynne BergDonna AlarieJess Cullen,Jaime Grech and Samantha Lawler.

                              CERVELO   x  PRYZE


                                  Lukedom Let's Go Party 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pryze + Cervelo pups 6 and a Half Weeks .......

Triangles girl — 

Cloud Boy

Aqua Boy Head 

Pink Girl 

Stripes Girl Head 

Brown Boy 


Yellow Boy 
Yellow Boy 

Hearts Girl —

Triangles Girl 

Stripes Girl —

Pink Girl


Cloud Boy

Brown Boy 

Aqua Boy 
Have a black spot in my camera 

Yellow Boy 

Lukedom Weimaraners Playtime 6 and a half weeks — with Donna Alarie, Samantha Lawler and Jaime Grech.

pups now 6 1/2  weeks old

Cervelo and Pryze pups 6 weeks old now have registered names with the theme of  ' PARTY '  

Puppies  4 1/2  weeks old   

*** click on picture for better viewing ***

Pups 3 weeks old.....

Puppy smooches with Miss Pink 

Bed time at 3 weeks old 
 — with Samantha Lawler,Donna Alarie and Jaime Grech.


Our beautiful Pryze and Cervelo babies at 14 days.
Lots of beautiful blue eyes looking at me now 

Pups 1 week and 1 day old 

five days old 

10 pups    6 boys  +  4 girls